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About Us

Who We Are

Stream (Caribbean) Inc is incorporated federally in Canada, and is currently registered in the Province of Ontario. Phase 1 operations is concerned with providing effective e-commerce based services including advertising, marketing, and promotions, among other web based services. Login members will have fun playing treasure hunting games and wining free gifts. Phase 2 will create an online mall for sale of unique products and services. Phase 3 will launch a wholesale/retail distribution network in North America and the Caribbean.

STREAM draws on the Exotic Colors, Sights, Sounds, Spirit, and Pulsating Rhythms of Caribbean and Latino Festivals & Events. STREAM connects people while keeping it ˇ§nice & easyˇ¨. STREAM is designed to provide a down-to-earth medium where Professionals and the General Public can interact for purposes of Festivals, Events, Business Meetings, Tourism, Real Estate, Media, Promotions, Advertising, Services, Soft Adventure, Travel, Vacations, Weddings, Honeymoons, Professional Services, and generally to have fun surfing the net.

Advertisers get ˇ§value for moneyˇ¨ by way of Competitive Pricing, High Levels of Product Visibility, Quick and Efficient Uploading of Advertisements, and high volumes of Viewers.

Meanwhile surfers are having ˇ§lots of Funˇ¨, getting complete information from a one-stop-shop, and discovering new exciting services and places in the Caribbean Region, in a very secure user-friendly environment. The most frequent comment about this Web Site is "STREAM connects people and places, and is down-to-earth nice & easy".

Our Vision

To embrace everyone and all businesses, and offer an enabling environment that facilitates and massages the challenges of global competitiveness in a relaxed, colorful and fun-filled atmosphere.

To level the playing field and effectively expose products and services to the world at cost effective advertising rates.

To give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exotic sites Sounds, Spirit and pulsating Rhythms of Caribbean & Latino Festivals and Events.

To allow Login members to win free gift packages and discounts playing treasure hunting fun games, while enjoying early and easy access to a wide range of information about Caribbean & Latino Events and Festivals among other interesting things.


Our Mission is to connect the people of the Caribbean and the rest of the world, and broaden the boundaries of mutually beneficial partnership and collaboration in the global market, in a way that enhances the success and profitability of our business clients.

Goals & Objectives

Our Goals & Objectives are focused around ensuring that your products and services receive maximum exposure at the least possible cost, among other things.

In that regard we are happy to discuss your unique advertising needs and facilitate your business with special advertising combo packages as well as other competitive and creative advertising packages that expose your products and services through web banners, radio, television, newspapers and other media.

We wish to help you to expand the sale of your products and services to and from the Caribbean, the Americas, or any place in the global marketplace.

Our Connections

We are connected to Organizations involved in Tourism, Services, Real Estate, Advertising, Media, Festivals, Events, Fun & Soft Adventure, Carnivals, and related services and activities located in the Caribbean, Americas and elsewhere.

We are also connected to Radio Stations, Cable Television Stations, Magazines and Newspapers in the Caribbean, Americas and elsewhere.