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Annual Events

Annual Dera Gai Festival
Soul Beach Music Festival
Salsaruba Dance Festival
Heineken Catamaran Regatta

Current Events

  Carnival Carnival (Feb)
Weeks of events that bring you colorfully decorated floats, contagiously throbbing music, luxuriously costumed groups of celebrants of all ages, King & Queen elections, electrifying jump ups and torch light that wind their way through the streets at night, the Jouvert morning: the Children's Parades and finally the Grand Parade.

  Soul Beach Music Festival Soul Beach Music Festival (May)
Held each Memorial Day holiday weekend, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is a star-studded event. Highlights include comedy nights as well as the performances by renowned rhythm & blues musicians.


  Salsaruba Dance Festival Salsaruba Dance Festival
Yearly dance championship supervised by International Dance Organization (IDO) and which will be held in Aruba for the first time.


  Heineken Catamaran Regatta Heineken Catamaran Regatta (Nov)
Celebrating its 16th anniversary, this annual international catamaran regatta will decorate Aruba's turquoise waters with the colorful sails of catamarans from Europe.




Special Highlights

  Dining Dining
The delight of a different ambiance offered with each experience is an additional pleasure to be found when dining in Aruba's restaurants.
  Water & Air Activites Water & Air Activities
The diverse range of water activities offered has something in store for everyone! If youˇ¦re a diver or not you can still enjoy the beauty of the bottom of the ocean..

  Land & Sports Activities Land & Sports Activities
If youˇ¦ve already gone sightseeing on Aruba with a tour bus ˇV try it by Jeep, ATV or Dune Buggy! Take a trip to the natural pool or hike through the National Arikok Park. Thereˇ¦s plenty to do while in Aruba, indoor and out.

  Health & Leisure Health & Leisure
Simply being in Aruba has a soothing effect. Refreshing trade winds, strolls on the white sand beach and dips in the azure seas create stress relief and nights of restful sleep.

  Nightlife Nightlife
When the sun goes down, a whole different side of Aruba comes to life. Many hotels have large theaters featuring live entertainment that is imported from the US and Central America.

  Shopping Shopping
The stores of Aruba are stocked with well-priced imported merchandise. Aruba is a "Shopper's Paradise" with perfume, liquor, linens, jewelry, watches, cameras, designer fashions, crystal and china among the luxury items available at excellent prices.






Radio Stations

  Top 95 (95.1FM)

Top 95 (95.1 FM)

  Mega 88 (88.1FM)

  Hit 94 (94.1FM)



  Diario Online

Diario Online

  Bondia Aruba

Bondia Aruba


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