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Annual Events

Int. Blue Marlin Release Turnament
Curacao Jazz Festival

Current Events

  Carnival Carnival (Karnaval) (Jan - Feb)
The carnival festivities reach their height in the Grand Carnival week, February 19-26, 2006. The week begins with the Children's Carnival Parade in the center of town and culminates with the Grand Parade on Sunday, February 26th followed by the Carnival Farewell Parade on the 28th.

  World Cup Mountain Bike Race World Cup Mountain Bike Race (Apr 1)
The UCI (International Bicycle Union) has chosen Curacao as one of the destinations where International Mountain Bike Races for professionals is held.

  19th Annual Jazz Festival 19th Annual Jazz Festival (May)
This two-day jazz extravaganza organized by the Curacao Jazz Foundation draws top international performers as well as local talents.

  Salsa Festival Salsa Festival (Sept 1-30)
Slamming Salsa let the best salsa musicians of the world blow you away in a very cool breeze and tropical environment.




Special Highlights

  Diving & Snorkeling Diving & Snorkeling
Curacao offers some of the best diving in the world. Our spectacular dive locations provide some of the most colorful and awe inspiring scenes imaginable.

  Attractions Attractions
Curacao is a perfect place for diving, but as you will find, our island has so much more to offer. There are dozens of undiscovered adventures to be enjoyed.

  Adventure & Sports Adventure & Sports
Curacao offers a great variety of sports activities, for all ages and tastes. From scuba diving, mountain biking and windsurfing for the daring ones, to more relaxed but still very exciting activities such as jeep safaris, sea kayaking and horseback riding.

  Family Fun Family Fun
Curacao is a pleasant, safe place for families with children. You'll find all the expected conveniences of home without many of the headaches; a small town atmosphere prevails across the island.

  Dining Dining
Curacao, with its cultural diversity, offers a large selection of flavorful restaurants. They present a wide variety of international and local cuisine, each and every restaurant will be sure to make you feel at home away from home.

  Shopping Shopping
The island offers many shops, mostly concentrated in the downtown area of Willemstad, in the districts Punda and Otrobanda.

  Beaches Beaches
Curacao has over 35 beaches with a remarkable variety. Whether you are a sun-loving vacationer or a resident enjoying a day off, you can choose between intimate rocky coves surrounded by massive cliffs or long sandy beaches, either secluded by nature or bustling with activitiesy.






Radio Stations

  Mi95 (95.7FM) Mi95 (95.7FM)

  Radio Hoyer (101.9FM) Radio Hoyer (101.9FM)

  Direct 107 (107.1FM) Direct 107 (107.1FM)






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