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Annual Events

Carnival...the Real Mass
Fete Marwen
Tropical Flower Festival
Dive Fest
World Creole Music Festival

Current Events

  Carnival Carnival... the Real Mass (February)
Welcome to the Caribbean's Most Original Carnival, Mas Domnik. Dominica's carnivals a pre-lentern celebration which runs from December right until Ash-Wednesday

  DiveFest DiveFest (June - July)
Dive Fest is an annual event hosted by the Dominica Watersports Association. Its purpose is to educate the public about scuba diving, which is one of Dominica's main tourist attractions.

  Mas Domnik UK Mas Domnik UK (Aug 26)
The Caribbean Carnival Jam, carnival music by the finest DJs, live and direct from the caribbean.

  Fete Marwen Fete Marwen (October)
Enjoy Dominica's traditional Feasts that runs year long in various Villages throughout the Island .

  World Creole Music Festival World Creole Music Festival (October - Nov)
We invite you to embrace this special festival and enjoy the magic of the "three nights of pulsating rhythms". This year's line up promises to be one that is unrivaled as the Dominica Festivals Commission stages the 9th production of this world-class event.




Special Highlights

  Water Adventure Water Adventrue
Below the surface is another world equally exciting. The turquoise of the Caribbean Sea or the ever-changing Atlantic Ocean.

  Hiking Adventure Hiking Adventure
For the Adventurer there are more attractions than points on a compass. Every day is an excursion to new heights of enjoyment.

  Tours & Attractions Tours & Attractions
Dominica justifiably known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean". With and extensive unspoild rainforest, 365 rivers and waterfalls

  Getting Married Getting Married in Dominica
Dominica is the perfect spot to get married and it has the most breathtaking backdrop for photos to enjoy and last a lifetime.

  Shopping Shopping
An excursion through numerous little shops will surprise you with handsome rewards. From duty-free bargains to handcrafted treasure.

  Sports & Recreation Sports & Recreation
Cyclist find Dominica's rugged terrain to be an exhilarating challenge but there are routes suitable for all levels of bikers.

  Nightlife Our Nightlife
When the sun sets on the day adventures, evenings in Roseau and Portsmouth unfold with a blend of music that includes reggae, jazz, soca, zouk, steel band, blues, rock and roll and resounding dance hall disco.






Radio Station

  QFM Radio QFM Radio (95.1FM )

  DBS DBS Radio (88.1FM)

  Kairi Kairi (93.1FM)



  The New Chronicle The New Chronicle

  The Times The Times

  The Dominica Sun The Dominica Sun


Television Stations

  Marpin TV Marpin TV