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Annual Events

Dominican Carnival
Summer Festival
Dominican Republic Jazz Festival
Dominican Republic Merengue Festival

Current Events

  Carnaval The Dominican Carnival (Every weekend in February)
The Dominican Carnival is one of the most colorful traditions and more cheerful festivities in the Dominican Republic, where people come together in the city streets to dance, share and delight in a celebration of joy.

  Summer Festivals
Summer Festivals (July)

  Dominican Republic Jazz Festival Dominican Republic Jazz Festival
  Dominican Repulic Merengue Festival Dominican Republic Merengue Festival
Merengue is the hot, spicy, Latin music that flows through the veins of every Dominican.




Special Highlights

  Art & Culture Art & Culture
This beautiful island is steeped in history and culture worthwhile exploring: abundant historical sites, museums, colonial architecture, the first hospital, first sugar mill, first Catholic church this side of the world.

  Golf Golf
With four (soon to be six) Dye-family courses and two Robert Trent Jones Sr. tracks, the designer-holes-per-capita count here makes this country a veritable golf powerhouse.

  Baseball Baseball
The national sport and passion of Dominican Republic is baseball or "Beisbol" as the Dominicans call it. No matter where you go on the island you will find a baseball stadium/park, even in the poorest of towns.

  Beaches Beaches
Here, you will discover more than 1,288 km of Coast line with the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean in all different styles. Find white sandy beaches, diving attractions and unspoiled nature all around the island.

  Floral & Fauna Floral & Fauna
Six categories were adopted by the government for purposes of environmental protection: scientific research, sanctuaries, national parks, protected areas, natural monuments, wildernesses. These categories cover many lagoons, river estuaries, islands and bays.






Radio Stations

  Digital DIGITAL (94.7 FM)

  Radio Merengue

Radio Merengue (1210 AM)



  Dominican Today

Dominican Today

  El Caribe

El Caribe

  El Nacional El Nacional


Television Stations

  Color Vision Color Vision