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Annual Events

St. Lucia Jazz Festival
St. Lucia Carnival
Heineken Kalalu World Music Festival

Current Events

  Jazz Festival Jazz Festival (May)
During the month of May, the island moves to the beat of jazz when music fills the air and tourism takes on a whole new meaning to all.

  Carnival Carnival (July)
The Cultural Art forms of theatre, music, dance, song, costumes and drama are all present. The steelband is there, costumes, color, gaiety, merriment, dancing, eating, laughing, calypso, frenzied energies dissipating, to ease the social tensions through the colorful creative process of Carnival.

  15th Annual Billfish Turnament 15th Annual Billfish Turnament (Sept - Oct)

  Heineken Kalalu World Music Festival Heineken Kalalu World Music Festival (Nov - Dec)
4 day International musical event displaying the finest Artistes in World Music




Special Highlights

  Water Sports Water Sports
Holidays on St Lucia can be exciting. There are plenty of challenges for sporting visitors, whether it be on land or in the water!

  Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing
With the sparkling Caribbean Sea on one side and the mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean on the other, sailors and fishermen will fall in love with St Lucia.

  Yachting Yachting
Yachting in St Lucia is an unforgettable experience. Imagine the crystal clear, warm waters. Picture the fine white sand beaches, lined with gently swaying palmst.

  Health & Fitness Health & Fitness
A holiday on St. Lucia is a total refreshment for your mind, your body and your spirit.

  Nightlife Nightlife
Most hotels and resorts offer some form of entertainment throughout the week - including local live bands and cultural performances.

  Land Sports Land Sports
There is never a shortage of things to do outdoors in Saint Lucia. Volleyball, basketball, and soccer games between staff and guests are available at most hotels

  Attractions & Tours Attractions & Tours
St. Lucia is rich in natural beauty íV and there is so much to see and do. This tropical island beckons the visitor to explore..






Radio Stations

  Helen (100.1FM)
Helen (100.1FM)

  RCI RCI (101.1FM)

  Hot (96.1FM) Hot 105 (96.1FM)



  St. Lucia Star St. Lucia Star

  St. Lucia Mirror St. Lucia Mirror


Television Stations

Hellen TV Helen TV