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Annual Events

Annual Heineken Regatta
Annual Summerfest Concert

Current Events

  Carnival Carnival (Apr - May)
Carnival brings the whole island together - residents and visitors alike - there is no such thing as a bystander. Anyone can join in the celebration and feel the carnival spirit move through them......we invite you to join us for Carnival.

  FICA Cycling Women Int Road Race FICA Cycling Women Int Road Race (June 15)


  3rd Annual SummerFest Concert 3rd Annual Summerfest Concert (July)
Though known for its exciting, entertaining and enjoyable series of concerts, SummerFest's most talked about happening this year is the St. Maarten Shopping Spree.

  Concordia Cup Golf Tournament Concordia Cup Golf Tournament (Nov 11-12)
Each year teams of approximately 15 of the best golfers from each side of the island face off in a two-day competition modeled after the famed Ryder Cup matches.




Special Highlights

  Explore The Island Explore The Island
The deceptively small Dutch St. Maarten presents some interesting contrasts for the explorer. Wide beaches along the coast, full of sunbathers and surfers, seem a far cry from the quiet country roads and small towns of the hillsides.

  Boating & Yachting Boating & Yachting
St. Maarten is one of the Caribbean's leading sailing venues, playing host each year to the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta and offering plenty of stunning anchorages.

  Parasailing & Sky Diving Parasailing & Sky DIving
Orient Beach is the place for parasailing. This two mile long beach offers water sports locations next to the many restaurants right on the beach.

  Hiking Hiking
The best way to really appreciate the island is by exploring on foot. You'll meet the local people, learn the customs and above all see the scenery, flora and fauna that you will never see from the main road.

  Horse Back Riding Horseback Riding
Several operators offer horseback riding excursions across the countryside of the interior and along the coast.

  Jetskis & Kayak Jetskis & Kayak
Fast becoming a popular sport on the island. Tri-sport offers kayaks for rent fro the ocean or for exploring Simpson Bay Lagoon, a large enclosed salt-water lagoon.

  Shopping Shopping
St. Maarten enjoys an unusual status as a commercial center: it is among the world's few duty-free ports.






Radio Stations

  PJD-2 PJD-2 (102.7FM)

  Laser (101FM) Laser (101FM)

  Island 92 (91.9FM) ISLAND 92 (91.9FM)



  Daily Herald Daily Herald

  St. Martin Chronicle St. Martin Chronicle