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Annual Events

Tobago Heritage Festival
World Steelpan Music Festival

Current Events

  Carnival Carnival (Jan - Feb)
The two days of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago are not official public holidays - but they might as well be - almost everyone is out on the streets, dancing, 'jumping up', 'wining down' and basically having a ball.

  Tobago Heritage Festival Tobago Heritage Festival
The festival, spanning a two-week period from mid July to early August, is an annual celebration of the heritage by way of dance, song, music and cuisine.

  World Steelpan Music Fest World Steelpan Music Fest
Experience the rhapsody of the 'pan as steelbands from around the world join their counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the World Steelband Music Festival.

  Hosay Hosay
Hosay is an Islamic festival observed by Shi'a Muslims throughout the world - and the celebration was brought to Trinidad as early as 1845. Although referred to as a festival, Hosay really isn't - at least, not in the strictest sense of the word.

  Phagwha Phagwa
This is a spring festival corresponding to the springtime months of March and April. It is primarily a Hindu festival, but as with all observances in our multi-ethnic, multi-religious country, the wider community always gets involved - even if it is to just watch and admire.

  Divali Divali
This is the largest Hindu festival in our islands, taking place in the month of Karthik - October-November on the Hindu calendar. This national holiday is celebrated on what is said to be the darkest night of the year.




Special Highlights

  Eco-Tourism Eco-Tourism
We offer many activities such as bird watching, hiking, biking, camping, cave exploration, kayaking and wildlife photography, that can lure you to the simple pleasures of Trinidad and Tobago's vast ecosystem.

  Nightlife Nightlife
Complete your days in Trinidad and Tobago with a nightcap of scintillating entertainment. The party atmosphere here is always charged come sundown, and in true island fashion, most of us leave our homes and head for our favourite nightspots, which you will soon learn there is no shortage of!

  Sand, Sea & Surf Sand, Sea & Surf
Enjoy the Caribbean's most special allures by exploring our beaches, or participating in activites of scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing or windsurfing.

  Weddings & Honeymoons Weddings & Honeymoons
Trinidad and Tobago are the perfect couple of islands to start your life as a couple, come start your life together on a pair of islands that are as natural as your love!

  Sports Sports
Our islands have a wide variety of sports to partake in. These include, cricket, football, volleyball, rugby, triathalon, marathon, hockey, and golf.

  Yachting Yachting
If you're looking for a yachtsman-friendly location, Trinidad and Tobago is the place. Located south of the hurricane belt, Trinidad boasts high quality workmanship, a ready availability of super grade teak, a relatively low cost of labour and excellent support services, making it a yachtsman paradise.






Radio Stations

  Red (96.7FM) Red 96.7 (96.7FM)

  I (95.5FM) I 95.5 (95.5FM)

  Power 102 (102FM) Power 102 (102FM)



  Trinidad Express Trinidad Express

  Trinidad Guardian Trinidad Guardian

  Newsday Newsday


Television Stations

  TV6 TV6